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Hello teddy bear lovers! Take a look at the page below to discover a few of my teddy bears: 

Once upon a time there was a bear…  


I started making teddy bears during the 2001 Easter holiday. I wanted to find a creative occupation that was playful. I can’t stand spending all day sitting on the sofa doing nothing. My hyper activity has made my friends call me ‘Zébulon’, after the French cartoon character who jumps around on a spring never able to sit still.

Today, my two passions are needle-worked tapestry and making teddy bears. Unfortunately, it is not a full time occupation and I earn my living in the marketing department of a large financial company. It is such a pleasure to work with my hands using the soft and rich materials. It is also very relaxing because when I make a bear I’m thinking with my hands.

Did you know?  

A teddy bear artist is not a grumpy solitary bear living alone in an ivory tower; he has to count on an understanding spouse to help him in every phase of the teddy bear making process. I think the role of the teddy bear artist’s spouse would be a very interesting subject for one of the next issues of the association’s quarterly paper!

There are teddy bears for everybody, both children and adults. Teddy bears are made in a classical style or in many different original ways, so that everybody can quite easily find the bear he likes. Often people recognize themselves in a teddy bear. It is always very funny to observe the expressions of an adult who is looking at a bear he likes – an ‘object’ theoretically made for children. He says nothing to you but you can see that, in spite of himself, he is quickly growing fond of the bear. In fact, he is becoming a new fan of teddy bears.

I began by giving my first teddy bears to family and friends. Today I sell my bears to pay for this quite expensive hobby. However, I really try to offer moderate price because I want people to be able to adopt a bear they love. 


2 stars:


Let me introduce Igor who appeared on channel One News with Jacques Legros.

Let me introduce Max, the star of the movie, Max le grand voyage!

Teddy bears have lot a of friends...


On day while I was surfing the net, I discovered the AGDM (the Friends of the Honey Mouth’ Association) and I realized teddy bears are a passion for a lot of interesting and friendly people. 

Through this association, I met teddy bear lovers and creators who encouraged me to exhibit my bears. At first I didn’t know if my bears would interest anyone. 

But then I accepted the challenge and exhibited my bears at the 2002 bear show. As I was setting up my stand, I spoke to someone who told me that, for a first exhibition, selling just one bear would be wonderful, and two bears a big success. That day, of the 15 bears I exhibited 10 were adopted.

Sylvie Larrède

Ever since, I have continued to create teddy bears. 
I hope you will
enjoy discovering my new mohair friend collection.
The AGDM pictures


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