Andrew, Jill, Pierre, Sylvie 

To celebrate Jill Robinson, Animal Asia Foundation President's first visit to France in August 2005, Iíve created Andrew. Andrew gets his name from the first bear Jill rescued in December 2000. Heís made of two kinds of mohair. His paws are shaved and painted, his nose a button and his eyes are glass. Of course, he is carrying his Teddy Bear national passport as well as a few bandages and other equipment to help the efforts of the Animal Asia Foundation. Andrew really wants to be a volunteer for the Foundation to help Jill with the rescue centre.


November 2005, first meeting of the two Andrews in the Chinese sancturay of Chengdu


Goodbye to Andrew!
Andrew died on 9 February 2006. His death was due to the ravages of liver cancer connected with the massive infection originating on the bear farms. Someone wrote: You are not weaker without Andrew, you are stronger because of him. And we are.
Please donít forget Andrew...


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